SpringerHaven Farm

"Life is not perfect until you have a springer in it"



At Springerhaven we are blessed with six beautiful little girls. Lilyan Mae Flower came to us when Levi was just 7 months. They quickly became best friends. Shortly after came the Twins....Hope Hailey and Hanna Haven were easily accepted by Levi and Lily. Winnie was our first black/white female here at SpringerHaven Farm.
Josie Rae is the daughter of Levi Garrett & Hanna Haven. She is our first liver/white tri female here at the farm.
Ryleigh Paige is Liver/White & she is the daugter of Lilyan Mae & Levi Garrett.

Say HELLO to the Newest Addition to our Family! Georgia is the daughter of Winnie & River. She is a Black/White Roan! She is such a joy! She is very loving and outgoing...just like her Momma!

Say HELLO to another beautiful addition to our Family!! Meet Gracie Mae!! She is a Liver/White. Gracie is the daughter of Lily & River!! She is exactly like Lily! Very laid back and such a cuddle bug!

    * Carney's Lilyan Mae Flower
    * Liver/White Female
Weighs: 43 lbs.
Height: 19 inches at the shoulders

    * Gruber's Miniature Winchester
    * Black/White Female
    * Weighs: 37 lbs.
    * Height: 21 inches at the shoulders

    * Gruber's Josie Rae of Sunshine
    * Liver/White Tri Female
    * Weighs: 42 lbs.
    * Height: 21 inches at the shoulders

    *Gruber's Juney B Goode
    *Liver/White Female
    *Weighs: 32 lbs.
    *Height: 17 inches at the shoulders

     * Carney's Hanna Haven
     * Liver/White Female 
     * Weighs: 38 lbs.
Height: 18 inches at the shoulders

     * Carney's Hope Hailey
     * Liver/White Female
     * Weighs: 48 lbs.
     * Height: 18 inches at the shoulders

Below are pictures of Hope & Hanna when we first brought them home! They were such a joy as babies! They grow up way too fast!! :(

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