SpringerHaven Farm

"Life is not perfect until you have a springer in it"


Levi Garrett was our first Springer here at SpringerHaven Farm. At 7 weeks old Levi Garrett came to live with us. From that day on he became the King of the Yard!! Levi is a Bench Bred Spaniel. He weighs approximately 62 pounds and stands 23 inches at the shoulders.

Levi is now retired here at SpringerHaven Farm! He is a constant couch buddy but also loves being outside and in the woods! He produced many wonderful litters here and we have his daughters: Josie, Ryleigh & June to carry on his wonderful bloodline!

   Levi was our first springer!!!
 Below are some more pictures of our dear Levi!! He loves being outdoors!!!

   Both pictures above are of our Levi Garrett

River Dale
 River is a Liver/White Roan!! He is such a smart little guy! . River has produced some super litters here at SpringerHaven Farm over the past year!
 River weighs in at 46 lbs and is 20 inches at the shoulders! He is a one big love bug!

Don't look at these cute little creatures for you will be hooked;

From the ticking on their nose to them chewing on your toes;

Their ears so curly and long, it takes only ones heart to know where they belong.

**Check out Baby Wyatt when he was 12 weeks old**
**He was the most laid back springer**
**Below his baby pic is a current pic**

  Carney's Very Own Wyatt Earp

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